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Gah... gah... gaaaaaaaaaaaah...

I recently got v. angry (this happens. I blame my period :) and wrote Focus on the Family (evil, evil, cause of much torment when I was growing up). Mostly just to vent.

You shared from the depths of your pain -- we're very sorry to hear that a visit
to our *Plugged In* web site stirred up many hurtful memories. Though it's hard
to read of the anger you carry toward us, we're glad you took the time to share
so honestly. It sounds as though you have found a measure of comfort in the
lifestyle you have chosen, yet it's apparent that wounds from the past continue
to stir up strong emotions.

The struggle you described is one that, at its heart, is common to every man and
woman. We were made to be loved, and we long to be accepted just as we are --
with every good and bad thing in us revealed. Because the human soul cannot
bear to be unloved, we are driven to activities that we think will help us find
the acceptance we seek. But, this kind of unconditional love belongs only to
God, for we humans are too limited to give it completely.

Unfortunately, many of us grew up hearing sermons about condemnation that
presented God as an angry judge. It's hard to love God if we've been made to
feel worthless and destined for hell unless we do things that make us "good."
But, the wonderful truth of Scripture is that God can take away those sins that
create a barrier between you and Him through His Son, Jesus. He already loves
you, and nothing you do or don't do can make Him love you any more or any less.

You can be sure that God will never give up on you -- and never stop loving you.
If you doubt this, maybe you can find a Bible somewhere and read Luke 15 which
contains the stories of God seeking what was lost with passion, never ceasing
His search until the precious coin, sheep, and son were found. The son was
welcomed home with rejoicing and gladness, not a lecture for going astray. The
father in this parable is a picture of God, whose greatest joy is in our coming
to an understanding and acceptance of His unconditional love. We have only to
accept His grace and mercy to restore our relationship with Him.

Throughout Scripture, we see Jesus as the embodiment of Love and Truth. He
expressed both attributes in every encounter with fallen humanity. Because He
understands the terrible damage sin brings to the soul, He did all He could to
reveal the road to freedom and joy to those who were in any kind of bondage. He
is our Creator, and He knows the full range of consequences when we choose paths
that are contrary to His design for us. God longs for us to experience the
fulfillment of living in right relationship with Him. He will go to any lengths
and sacrificed His own Son -- when we were at our worst (see Romans 5:8) -- to
provide His children with the ability to find true meaning and satisfaction.
It's with this view of God and eternity in mind that we confidently express the
Bible's direction for life choices. When we speak out on topics like
homosexuality, it's our goal to emulate Jesus' example of ministry, though,
unfortunately, we may do this imperfectly at times.

Again, thank you for writing. We hope this response has helped to clarify our
perspective. May the Lord surround you with His tender arms of love and remind
you that you will always be His beloved.

Maryann Hayden
*Plugged In* Magazine

P.S. If you'd like to receive a booklet which explore the roots of female
homosexuality and related issues, we'd be pleased to send it as our gift. Just
write back with a mailing address along with your request for XY170, and we'll
get it out to you.

Bleh. One can't even send nasty, PMS-induced letters to Christians without them trying to convert one. Bleh :)

Which is not to imply that I hate all Christians. Just certain evil ones :)

Must .. listen .. to .. Fuck The World .. *panics* ;)
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