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Youth is beauty, money is beauty, hell, beauty is beauty sometimes ..

Have not had a very good past few days. Am, regardless, rather hyper and bouncy. Not sure why.

Got my period on Sunday, along with the (now) usual cramps and mood swings. That same day I managed to get a heavy duty cold (that or one of my many allergies was acting up in spite of my medication)... so, puffy eyes, sneezing, headachy badness. And, well... apparently got pink-eye. I don't know exactly what this is but I want it gone. It seems to be going away of it's own, which is good because I hate medication. And doctors. And paying for medication. And of course, do not yet have an Ontario health card and would never ever pay for visiting the doctor. Am way too cheap. Plus, drops of any kind are evil. I've developed a fear of them on account of the Ear Infections Of Doom, which I get every time I go swimming. There is nothing more icky then putting cold drops into one's ear and feeling it drip all the way down.

Heh. Okay. Anyway, yeah. What's new?

I'm making a website for myself finally. I've been making (rather crappy) websites for the past three years, so I think I'm going to finally get a domain n' stuff. Yay!

Halloween is coming up. This is very exciting for me. I don't know why, exactly. Actually, I do. I get to dress up! My parents didn't condone kids over 11 dressing up, so I don't actually ever remember being able to do this. Yay! And I'll get drunk so I can be all hung over for my birthday the day after. Must celebrate the last day I can drink illegally.

Err. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm thinking of dressing up like a naughty school girl. Mostly because I'm lazy and it would be cheap. Plus, I can use it at work later, too. Maybe.

Sadly, my hair isn't long enough for braids. Oh, the humanity!

I have a kilt already, so I just need a blouse and knee socks (though I'm seriously considering just wearing my fishnets - would make for an interesting look).

Maybe I should just mug one of the girls from Regie High ... heh. Okay, maybe not :P

I'm still feeling crampy. This is evil. I want chocolate but I don't. Agh, all these conflicting thoughts.

Everyone's birthday is coming up and it's evil. I'm probably just going to make C a mix CD. But I don't know what to do about L. Maybe I should just get her a case of smokes so she's not always flipping out because she's broke and smokeless... hmmm. Things to ponder.

My sister may be moving out of my parents' house. Yay for her. If she does, it means I'd have somewhere to stay when I go to Vancouver. Now that would rock :)

Not much else to say. Hyper and listening to Ani. Going to go clean apartment, as cats got really hyper and messed everything up. Truely evil.

And I'm out of smokes :)
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