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On quitting smoking...

Everyone around me is trying to quit... and I am to, so I'm going to babble about my approach to quitting. I don't know if it would work, but I've tried many times, so I've basically cobbled together a plan which I will test in a while when I get my nerve up :P

Take at least three days (the cravings get much better after three days) when you know you won't be around smokers. Smoke your Last Cigarette quickly, and remind yourself how nauseous you feel. Remember that feeling. Then rid your house of all the smokes, empty the ash trays, whatever. Take a shower (or maybe a nice long bath with some scented oils if you have a tub. Mint especially. It may seem girly, but nice-smelling baths are wonderful :), brush your teeth really well and go to bed. It's best to quit right before bed so that you slept through the initial "I need a smoke"ness. Get up in the morning, brush your teeth and EAT. Make sure you have lots of fruit and veggies in your house before hand. Don't go for heavy, unhealthy foods. You need something to do with your mouth while your trying to quit, so eat as many fruits and veggies as you want. Trust me, you WILL crave food. I find when I'm trying to quit that I phsyically *need* tomatoes. I'm a freak. Anyway, it's not a hunger thing, it's really just 'Put something in my mouth' thing. So make it salads and apples and stuff, because these aren't going to cause massive weight gain (which no-one wants... or most people don't, anyway :P), and, plus, they taste really good. Brush your teeth regularily. You want to make sure there is no nicotine taste in your mouth, or else it will make you *want* is desperately.

Find something to do. Draw, pain, write, read. Watch TV. Drink lots of water. Even coffee or tea are good as distraction methods. Go to work. Keep busy. Go out with friends only if you feel like you're in a good enough mood to hang out. I get really bitchy, so I generally try to avoid people.

My favourite quitting smoking aid (aside from food. Mmmm, food) is aromatheripy oils. Especially the mint. Get a spray bottle and mix some of the oil with water. Spray it around your house. Spray it on your feet and rub it in (mmm... minty feet). It smells to yummy and I find it stops me from craving a smoke. That may, however, be just me :-)

Whatever you do, don't dwell. If you do start dwelling, remember how awful it makes you feel. Focus on the good things. Keep busy.

Okay, I'm bored now (me = short attention span :P)
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