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"Fuck you, you fucking fuck."

Well, apparently lest night my dear and beloved city passed a bylaw that you can't smoke in public.

I mean, what the FUCK is that shit? It is now illegal to smoke outside. Oh a patio. In the park. Those stupid, stupid, anal retentive idiots. It's not like non-smokers don't have their own non-smoking areas (in fact there were very few smoking stores, restaurants or bars before this, anyway).

I'd fight this, but I'm not legally allowed to smoke, so... I'll be quiet and unobtrusive.

Fuck this, I should just move to Montreal. It's nice there :P
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Gee, how retahded.
Yeah, I mean how the hell is that gonna affect people who live with a non-smoker and smoke outside for their sake?? Are they including apartment buildings and the yards thereof as "public"? (I think they did in California). Now the whole household is going to be subjected to second-hand smoke.

Geeze. You'd think out in the open air, where it can all disperse, is where they'd want people to smoke! Ridiculous. --Hag
At this time, people can smoke in their own apartment, but not the yards. I'm just waiting for the time when landlords forbid smoking :P

However, I DO know a lot of people who don't want to smoke in their apartment (because of a roommate or even their cat [apparently cats can get cancer from second hand smoke]). So this basically means they can't smoke *anywhere*. Ugh