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Ahhh, the sweet sweet sounds of... drama.

I worked last night, even though it was a Tuesday. That's how fucking broke I am (and, no, it was dead, in case anyone really cares. I am going to fucking KILL myself if I don't make money soon).

Turns out that Porscha, who has worked there for fucking years, has quit. I'm like, freaking out by then.

Well. Then I find out that her ex, who she'd just broken up with, called the owner of the studio and told her that Miss P. was the one who stole the money over the holidays. I mean, FUCK? So the owner confronts her on it and all Porscha said was 'What do I owe you?'

And then she quit. And then the owner told Angel that Porscha's been badmouthing her and everyone else in the studio. Blah, I say. BLAH.

It's just so weird. I mean, I LIKED her. Angel's flipping because they were, like, bestest buddies. Heh. And I'm worried about her and her kids. It bothers me, thinking about them not having any money.

Oh well. What can you do?
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